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  • Exhibition Manager at Dialog im Stillen Hamburg


Dialogue in Silence sparks thoughts that dissolve old mindsets and allows access to new people and a new world. You begin to question your assumptions as you experience your limits. Meeting ambassadors of a little-known subculture initiates a dialogue and the impacts lasts beyond the visit to a Dialgue in Silence exhibition.

The exhibition allows hearing visitors to:
• immerse themselves in a new reality, the silent world
• better understand different means of communication
• discover imaginative ways of turning thoughts into nonverbal signals
• develop more accurate and comprehensive visual perception
• experience sign language as a language in its own right
• increase public interest for the situation of deaf people
• break down mental and social barriers

The exhibition provides deaf and hearing-impaired facilitators with:
• a unique job opportunity
• key qualifications and contacts for future employment
• the chance to experience oneself in a positive context
• improved self-esteem through responsibility
• better understanding of hearing people
• an opportunity to engage in broadened social interaction
• valuable feedback regarding professional and interpersonal skills