• Invitation to Silence
  • Invitation to Silence
  • Invitation to Silence
  • Dance of Hands
  • Gallery of Faces
  • Play of Signs
  • Forum of Figures
  • Forum of Figures
  • Dialogue Room


The exhibition consists of a series of circular rooms dedicated to different aspects of non-verbal communication. All walls are specially constructed with a fabric absorbing sound to the best of effects, while providing a monochromatic background. The visitor’s visual concentration is not distracted and full attention can be is given to the hearing impaired guide. Each room has a name indicating the activity it hosts. In each room, the scenario is broken down into several short stages thus creating a sense of progression:

  • Invitation to Silence - Entrance into the world of silence
  • Dance of Hands - Focus on hands and their capacity to express
  • Gallery of Faces - Work on facial expressions and how to decipher them
  • Play of Signs - Introduction to sign language
  • Forum of Figures - Learning about the body's capacity to express via postures and movement
  • Dialogue Room - Dialogue between visitors and the facilitator with the support of an interpreter

Throughout the entire exhibition tour, a reversal of roles is created: hearing visitors lose their usual routines of articulating themselves and discover a new repertoire of non-verbal expression. They experience a different openness and empathy towards "the other".