Latest News about Dialogue in Silence

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  • 9. June 2017

    From August, Dialogue in Silence will be showcased in Tokio, as the latest addition to the portfolio of Dialogue in the Dark Japan. Please find more information under

  • 20. January 2016

    Tune into the news about Istanbul Dialogue in Silence with our photo album.

  • 15. January 2016

    Our 3rd permanent ‪exhibition will open in Istanbul end of January! Watch the new deaf guides during their training.

  • 9. September 2015

    For the upcoming Dialogue in Silence exhibition in November, Istanbul conducted a selection workshop for the future deaf guides. 25 very strong candidates had applied and even thouh the choice was not easy, finally a very nice team of 12 best suitable high potentials was decided upon. On Thursday, they also had a video shooting for the promotional trailer of the new in Silence exhibition. Here are some impressions.

  • 19. May 2015

    We would like to thank the Gallaudet University for their great contribution to the success of our in Silence workshops in Washington! Hector Reynoso, a graduate of the university was a great workshop facilitator and Thomas Baldridge, Professor at Gallaudet, did a wonderful job with the debriefing. The next day our team visited the Gallaudet University and was given a campus tour by Thomas Baldridge himself. The Gallaudet University is the first university worldwide for hearing impaired people only, with especially tailored courses. We look forward to cooperating again with Gallaudet in the future!

  • 15. May 2015

    Congratulations to our awesome team for a series of Dialogue in the Dark and Dialogue in Silence workshops, facilitated successfully as part of the Ashoka Future Forum program in Washington at the Newseum! Follow the pictures with Eric, Joaquín, Andreas, Anja, Pepe and Jessica on fb.

  • 29. April 2015

    Dialogue in Silence will be at the Ashoka Future Forum in Washington, US. Hamburg facilitators will join our project team and run the in Silence workshops from May 12 to May 15, 2015.

  • 29. April 2015

    Dialogue in Silence is about to expand to our partner hub in Turkey, Istanbul. Our partners plan to integrate Dialogue in Silence into the existing Dialogue at the former Metrostation Gayrettepe.

  • 11. November 2014

    Stay tuned with the lates news about Dialog im Stillen, Hamburg via their website. Follow the international news via on the Dialogue in Silence facebook page.

  • 9. October 2014

    Dialog im Stillen/Dialogue in Silence Hamburg celebrated its official opening ceremony on October 1st. Representatives of the Hamburg Senat, the Regional and Germany wide Hearing Impaired Organisations and of the HHLA, the company operating the Hamburg Port & Historic Speicherstadt areals; as well as Andreas Heinecke and Rona Meyendorf, the exhibition manager talked about the importance of this new Dialogue exhibition which fosters inclusion from yet another angle. The building in Hamburg's historic Speicherstadt, already hosting Dialogue in the Dark since 14 years, is now presenting another Dialogue program and milestone.